Second to the left from the right. Our locations are in the Stanislaus County and the Monterey Peninsula. Cain’s Audio Engineering currently provides sound solutions for events both in Stanislaus and Monterey County. Although we specialize in corporate and family events, we have facilitated medium to large events in Modesto such as X-fest and Lucky Fest most recently.

Hi my name is Cain, a self proclaimed Life enricher by day, Co-Podcast personality by night, and this is my website. I currently reside in Monterey Ca, have an amazing dog named Samantha, and my passion is music, specifically any part involving technology.  

Cain’s Audio Engineering was founded in 2016 as an attempt to add stimulation into my life outside of work and me simply stating it has is an understatement. We’ve providing quality sound to anyone in need ever since. Cain’s Audio Engineering is a group of diverse, positive, likeminded people helping coordinate events for both the Stanislaus and Monterey County.